has a team of dedicated editors who bring you the best information on the Web about WANs and large-scale networks. Our staff keeps in constant contact with users and top technical experts to bring you a stream of fresh, original content and technical advice. Here's a look at who's behind the site:


Tessa L. Parmenter

Tessa L. Parmenter Site Editor

Tessa Parmenter is the site editor of Working on and in prior years at TechTarget since 2006 has given her the technical background to bring pertinent content concerning wide area networks (WANs) to the site. She assigns and edits technical content, works with the news team, interacts with industry experts, and covers most production duties on the site. In addition, Tessa develops and edits newsletters, blogs on Window on WANs, and trains new employees at TechTarget. Prior to TechTarget, Tessa worked as a copy editor for the C&I division at Hewlett Packard Services. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Maine at Farmington, and welcomes your feedback, as well as your comments on WAN issues as they concern our readers.

Kate Gerwig

Kate Gerwig Editorial Director

As editorial director of TechTarget's Networking Media Group, Kate works closely with the editorial staff to develop relevant content for cloud service provider and enterprise audiences, including network technologies and trends, wireless networks, cloud computing services and data center architecture. Before joining TechTarget in 2007, Kate covered telecommunications and the Internet for more than 15 years for a variety of magazines, websites and wire services. She was also executive editor of magazine, principal analyst of enterprise network services at Current Analysis, Inc., and a senior editor at CMP custom publishing, where she worked with a wide variety of technology clients targeting enterprise customers.

Shamus McGillicuddy

Shamus McGillicuddy Director of News and Features

As the director of news and features for TechTarget's Networking Media Group, Shamus manages news coverage,,,, and He manages the news team and focuses his own writing and reporting particularly on issues that affect enterprise network managers and engineers. Previously he served as news writer for and Before joining TechTarget in 2006, Shamus was an award-winning reporter for The Patriot Ledger, a daily newspaper in Massachusetts. He holds a masters degree in journalism from Boston University.

Kara Gattine

Kara Gattine Senior Managing Editor

In her role as senior managing editor, Kara coordinates and oversees the creation, editing and production of content from the site team and contributing writers leveraging that into comprehensive site features for websites in the Networking Media Group:,,,,, and She works closely with the editors to keep the sites focused on the information needs of networking professionals and decision-makers. With 10 years of experience in computer technology and over 11 years of experience covering the networking and mobile markets with TechTarget, Kara understands the critical issues that enterprise networking pros face and delivers quality content that will help them address their greatest challenges.