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September 2005

  • Crash Course: VPNs

    Get the lowdown on virtual private networks (VPNs) and learn how they can help your remote workers.

  • T1 (T-1)

    Also see the T-carrier system, of which the T1 is a part.

  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

    ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a set of CCITT/ITU standards for digital transmission over ordinary telephone copper wire as well as over other media.

  • Practical configurations: Extending the OSPF network

    Doug Downer continues his series on network configuration with a focus on adding external prefixes such as static routes into your newly created OSPF network and also how to manipulate these routes...

  • VPN troubleshooting

    This tip discusses two common issues associated with VPN services and suggests resolutions that can be handled by end users.

  • RIP security

    If you're stuck with RIP, it doesn't mean you can't improve your system's security. Assuming you have a Cisco router and version of IOS released this century, this tip will explain the few easy com...

  • Check IT List: Choosing the right remote-access VPN

    Choosing a VPN for a small or midsize company is not an easy task. Here are five questions to ask yourself before you make the big investment.

  • Install L2TP multihop for better scaling

    By using L2TP multihop protocol, you can improve the scalability of your VPN.