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  • Silvia Hagen, IPv6 Expert

    Silvia Hagen, IPv6 Expert

    IPv6 expert Silvia Hagen is CEO of Sunny Connection AG in Switzerland and works as a senior consultant and analyst for many mid-size and large sized companies.

  • Howard Hooper, WAN Optimization Expert

    Howard Hooper, WAN Optimization Expert

    Howard Hooper is an expert on wide area network (WAN) optimization. He is also a CCNA instructor, Cisco Press author and active network architect.

  • Rainer Enders, VPN expert

    Rainer Enders, VPN expert

    Categories:Virtual private networks (VPNs)

    Rainer Enders is SearchEnterpriseWAN.com's virtual private networking (VPN) expert. He is CTO of Americas for NCP engineering, a secure remote access and VPN solution provider. Learn more about VPN security, configuration and more under Enders' biography.