VPN requirements: Different components required for modern VPNs

Learn what VPN requirements and components are needed to create a virtual private network for your enterprise WAN.

Modern VPN design

Required VPN components. Left: VPN gateway; Top right: VPN router; Bottom right: VPN concentrator (clients run VPN software)

To deploy a workable VPN solution, numerous different elements are needed at various steps along the way -- from the client, through the cloud, to the network boundary and into enterprise networks. Here are the VPN requirements and components needed for setup:

  • Client VPN software to make a secure remote connection
  • VPN-aware routers and firewalls to permit legitimate VPN traffic to pass unhindered
  • VPN appliance/concentrator/server to handle and manage incoming VPN traffic, establish and manage VPN sessions and their access to network resources

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This was first published in October 2011

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