The best VPNs for enterprise use


Ensuring a positive VPN deployment outcome

Designer: Christopher Seero

Ensure a positive VPN deployment outcome with this list of steps enterprises should use to choose and roll out a VPN deployment:

  • Use top-down and bottom-up approaches to build a short list of VPN providers to determine which is the best VPN for your enterprise.
  • Involve power users, telecommuters and road warriors in one or more pilot studies.
  • Pick options that balance the lowest user hassle with the best security.
  • During VPN setup, integrate VPN maintenance and audits into general security posture and lifecycle.
  • Know that IP address restriction technologies provide another welcome layer of protection and security.
  • Keep investigating new VPN tools and technologies as they emerge, and stay on top of your chosen vendors' upgrades and new offerings.

For more information, view's VPN tutorial.

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What steps do you think are most vital to ensuring a positive VPN deployment?

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