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Telecom Services

Telecommunication carrier services often make up the largest portion of an enterprise's IT budget, so choosing the right services is critical. The options are many and relationships can be complex, especially when a distributed network spans multiple countries or continents. This section presents the latest on the available choices, including purchasing bandwidth like T1 lines, managed services, and emerging services like SaaS and cloud computing, as well as best practices on how to evaluate the services you're receiving and negotiating with telecom providers. More about Telecom Services


Here you'll find advice and news to help you design, manage and troubleshoot secure VPNs and remote access and to ensure that your WAN is protected from threats that lurk on the Internet or target the applications you're running. Our resources provide information about IPsec and SSL VPN design, setup and configuration, secure remote access, and Web and application security. More about VPNs/Security

WAN Design

Network design is the basis for every WAN and the most crucial part to get right. Here we cover best practices and strategies for WAN design, including considerations for WAN capacity planning and bandwidth management, branch office network design, network disaster recovery planning methods, WWAN and mesh network planning and VPN design. More about WAN Design


Equipping your WAN with the right network hardware and technology is essential to providing your users with the connectivity, services and applications they need. Here you'll find resources on WAN network hardware and infrastructure, WAN protocols and IP networking, including IPv6. You'll learn how to build a WAN that meets today's complex networking challenges. More about Infrastructure

Optimization/Application Performance

WAN optimization can help ensure efficient and fast applications delivery on the network. Learn how WAN optimization and application acceleration can help manage traffic on the WAN, how to understand and manage application performance, how to monitor the WAN to prevent application bottlenecks, and how to manage applications and systems remotely. More about Optimization/Application Performance