Internet and application security

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  • As BYOD, cloud change networking, VPN management still indispensable

    Despite cloud services and user-owned devices, the WAN remains a critical piece of IT infrastructure, and the VPN a network hero. 

  • MPLS VPN fundamentals


  • Bringing application control and awareness to micro-branches

    Next-generation firewalls bring more granular application control to enterprises, but extending this control to micro-branches is more of a challenges. There are several approaches engineers can take to keep these tiny remote sites connected and with... 

  • 2010 year in review: Top WAN feature stories

    Security and bandwidth issues dominate our 2010 year in review of the top WAN feature stories on While some traditional methods of bandwidth management are examined, new approaches to dealing with enterprise data and the loom... 

  • Taking a data-centric approach to enterprise network security

    Enterprise network security has always focused on what technology could be used to keep adversaries out and the data in. But reliance on technology alone has its own inherent flaws that should push WAN managers to adopt a data-centric security stance... 

  • How to manage compliance and secure file transfers across a WAN

    The steps to compliance and a secure file transfer process are discussed in the second part of this interview with Dan Sullivan, the author of 'The Shortcut Guide to Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods.' 

  • How to accelerate encrypted traffic using WAN optimization

    WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) solve branch office server consolidation problems, but not all those around encrypted traffic. Learn how certain wide area network optimization techniques can handle data and the CIFS protocol, in this section of t... 

  • WAN application security in the age of cloud and mobile devices

    Security expert Kevin Beaver answers questions on WAN application security, this time focused on two of the latest networking trends: cloud services and mobile device management. While security for the applications living in the cloud may be more of ... 

  • WAN security and application threats

    Security expert Kevin Beaver answers our questions on WAN security, covering the biggest threats to the enterprise wide area network, which might not actually be the hackers themselves but the mindset of those tasked with keeping the enterprise netwo... 

About Internet and application security

Today's WANs usually traverse the Internet, making them open to increased security vulnerabilities. The multitude of applications the WAN carries, combined with emerging and complex areas like cloud computing and SaaS, provide ample areas for application-specific attacks or clever hackers to slip through any holes in your WAN's network security solutions. Learn about the risks and how to combat WAN and Web network threats here.