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  • Cloud WAN architecture: Enterprises rethink networks for the cloud era

    Enterprises need to reinvent WAN architecture for cloud services. The data center can no longer be the gateway to the Internet.

  • Assessing your options for increasing wireless LAN capacity

    Enterprises most often assess new wireless specifications in terms of speed, but capacity should also be at the top of the list due to the increased use of wireless LAN for functions that include file transfers and high-bandwidth video. Network engineers are increasingly challenged to make sure their WLANs have enough capacity to handle end-users' needs. This handbook looks at how enterprises can increase capacity in the WLAN with 802.11ac and examines the uses of 60 GHz wireless technology in the upcoming 802.11ad standard.

  • What is Ethernet-dedicated Internet?

    Ethernet-dedicated Internet is a continuous, high-bandwidth way for enterprises to connect their LANs to the public Internet and to streamline the performance of their WAN.

  • The new WAN: Virtualization, user-aware optimization, and more

    In the new WAN, we’ll see the rise of WAN virtualization, user-aware optimization and a move toward hosted WAN services.

  • WAN optimization policy goes deep

    The nature of the branch office is changing. Previously, branch offices were small remote sites with groups of workers that had a single focus, such as sales or customer support. Generally these workers accessed the same narrow set of applications. But these days, remote sites tend to be larger and made up of heterogeneous groups that include everything from sales reps to marketing executives.

    Now the network team must ensure access to a wider range of applications that put a new kind of strain on the network. Network pros are turning to WAN optimization and application acceleration that depend on role-based and location-based policy setting. In our cover story this month, David Geer presents WAN and application optimization strategies for complex branch offices.

  • Three steps to successful BYOD bandwidth management

    With lots of mobile devices on a network, bandwidth gets eaten up quickly. Access controls and traffic shaping can help with bandwidth management.

  • Five ways applications benefit from enterprise WAN optimization

    These are five ways enterprise WAN optimization technology helps overcome productivity and application issues organizations face in today's workforce.

  • Preparing for a disaster: When remote employees overload your VPN

    What happens if your VPN is overloaded with remote employees? Use this tip on preparing for a disaster to keep your workers connected to your network.

  • RFP process steps for selecting network carriers and equipment vendors

    These RFP process steps detail everything organizations need to include in a request for proposal to new network carriers and equipment vendors.

  • Calculating mobile application bandwidth requirements

    Learn how to calculate the bandwidth of your mobile applications to determine your cost of wide area network operations.

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