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  • April 16, 2015 16 Apr'15

    Crossroads Systems boosts StrongBox DR failover to tape

    Crossroads StrongBox archiving appliance ingests writes to disk and copies data to up two tape libraries for disaster recovery.

  • December 29, 2014 29 Dec'14

    Cloud DR dominated 2014 disaster recovery trends

    Cloud disaster recovery became the overarching theme for DR in 2014, dominating products and services from new and established vendors.

  • November 25, 2014 25 Nov'14

    SN blogs: Rapid application development central to mobile users

    SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss Progress Software's use of rapid application development and review a tool small businesses can use to protect their data.

  • November 05, 2014 05 Nov'14

    Artificial intelligence in business: The future is now

    Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t some far-off fantasy confined to Steven Spielberg films. Smart machines, robots and other such technologies that leverage machine learning to do tasks humans would otherwise perform are already making inroads in the enterprise. In this issue of CIO Decisions ezine, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski explores the rapid advances in AI, how it makes businesses more competitive now and what its future might hold.

    Also in this issue: A data scientist at Gilt details his company’s experiments in pre-emptive shipping; CIO expert Harvey Koeppel shares a harrowing story of when his disaster response involved life-or-death stakes; and we explore whether mesh computing is ready for prime time in the enterprise. Plus, Western Union uses a cloud security tool as a business enabler, and Daimler Trucks’ CIO seeks Einsteins and Edisons in his IT talent search.

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  • The 4-1-1 on DR testing technologies and best practices

    Experts agree that testing is one of the most important aspects of disaster recovery planning. It is the only way to ensure that you are able to bring systems back online to meet recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

    But, historically, IT teams have struggled with DR testing because it can be disruptive to employees that need access to essential applications. That is changing. Advancements in server virtualization, cloud computing and DR software have made DR testing more practical and much more affordable. This Drill Down on DR testing offers in-depth information on these technologies, DR testing best practices and advice on how to create DR test scenarios for your environment. If you are planning a DR test -- or you haven't run a DR test in a while -- you need to read this guide.

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  • How to design your server virtualization infrastructure

    Designing a server virtualization infrastructure requires a lot of attention. Provisioning resources, planning for failure and looking at private clouds are just three starting points. Continue Reading

  • Poor execution of IT in healthcare endangers physician independence

    Two independent physicians in North Carolina experienced IT failures so severe that they reconsidered their solo status. Continue Reading

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  • The true IT MSP model: Why are you still doing break/fix?

    The managed services business model has been around for years. So why can't some IT services firms break their reliance on break/fix work? Continue Reading

  • Disaster recovery planning process still a hit-or-miss affair

    Nearly half of the companies we recently surveyed still don't have a disaster recovery planning process in place. Continue Reading

  • Storage magazine chooses its 2014 data storage products of the year

    In the 12th edition of the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com Products of the Year, we highlight 19 excellent data storage products in six categories. Our qualification process is unique -- vendors can only enter products that were newly introduced or significantly updated in the past year. As such, winners are a mix of veteran vendors and precocious upstarts that have rolled out impressive wares. We profile the winners and salute all 55 finalists.

    Software-defined storage is a hot topic these days, but what does it really suggest? If you’re looking for a storage DIY project, here’s everything you need to know before rolling up your sleeves.

    Where to stash archive data has always been an issue. You can copy it to tape and vault the tapes offsite, but retrieving data is slow and risky. Keeping it on disk is costly and wastes data center real estate. Cloud archive services can be the perfect remedy.

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