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  • November 17, 2015 17 Nov'15

    Cisco makes programmable routers more open

    Cisco has added support for open source tools Chef and Puppet in the IOS XR operating system for its NCS programmable routers.

  • November 12, 2015 12 Nov'15

    SDN startup Versa targets WANs, branch networks

    SDN startup Versa has built a software platform that lets service providers deploy and manage WANs and branch networks.

  • November 04, 2015 04 Nov'15

    Is SD the future of WAN networks?

    In this week's blog roundup, analysts assess the future of WAN networks, bimodal networking and look into the HP split.

  • November 02, 2015 02 Nov'15

    Are enterprises ready to use SDN yet?

    Software-defined networking (SDN) gained early traction with the companies that had the resources to deploy it and a clear, immediate need for its benefits: cloud providers, carriers and hyper-scale data center operators. They were eager to use SDN to make their networks more flexible, programmable and scalable. More importantly, they were willing to accept the possible hazards that come along with adopting a radically different network architecture.

    It was expected that SDN would soon trickle down to the enterprise. Yet even after several years, it turns out we're still in the early days, and many enterprises are not yet ready (or willing) to use SDN in their networks.

    It's time to look at realistic SDN use cases and deployment models for mainstream enterprises -- not just companies like Amazon and Google. In this issue of Network Evolution, learn more about how enterprises are likely to use SDN and if it will ever become the new normal in networking.

    Also in this issue, we explore what lessons network engineers can take away from the spate of high-profile network outages that affected companies such as United Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year. Learn more about what's likely to take down your network and what steps enterprises can take to avoid it.

    Additionally, network engineers weigh in on the growing pressure to improve their fluency in security in light of the ongoing wave of data breaches and how it's affected their jobs.

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  • Searching for the right WAN connection type

    WAN connection types have evolved from T-1s and ISDN links to dynamic pipes capable of supporting bandwidth-intensive applications. What's next? Continue Reading

  • Is it time to 'software define' your wide area network?

    Software-defined WAN aims to make WANs simpler and less expensive to design, build and operate. But is it right for your network? This technical guide defines SD-WAN, explains its pros and cons, and helps networking professionals decide if it's right for their particular network.

    This three-part guide discusses the costs of SD-WAN and what factors network pros consider when assessing an SD-WAN tool -- such as how the product aggregates capacity, manages traffic across links and what flexibility it has in controlling performance and adding security. It is also smart to think about its form factor and the WAN topologies it supports.

    This publication is good for anyone who wants to understand what the next-gen WAN -- that is, SD-WAN -- is all about. It will help networking pros evaluate vendors' products and guide them in the first steps of an SD-WAN implementation.

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  • Do wide area networks need to get software-defined?

    Should you upgrade your wide area network to SD-WAN? Learn what factors you should consider before making the leap. Continue Reading

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  • Can failover clusters offer instant BC/DR? Not so fast

    Though some vendors claim that failing over offers instant business continuity and disaster recovery, the BC/DR process remains a challenging one. Continue Reading

  • Lift and shift vs. re-platforming cloud apps

    When evaluating a new technology, some people like to go all in, with gusto, and adopt it hook line and sinker. Then there are folks whose MO is to take baby steps: Dip a toe in the water and do a lengthy proof of concept. What's right for any given organization depends on its temperament, needs, budget, skills -- any number of factors. One thing's for certain, there's no right answer.

    This cover story in this issue of Modern Infrastructure delves into the different ways organizations implement cloud applications, whether replatforming or "lift and shift."

    Sometimes, the question isn't how to implement this new technology, but whether to bother implementing it at all. "I'm a big believer in the natural balance that forms based on how people actually use things versus planning for how people might use things," Brian Madden said. So sit tight. What you need to do will become clear soon enough.

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  • Connectivity to remote offices drives vWAN development

    Remote offices demand connectivity with the central data center, data-rich services, and cost-effective IT deployments. Enter the vWAN. Continue Reading

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