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  • Virtual service management needs hybrid approach

    The best answer for creating virtual service management may be a hybrid approach that combines end-to-end analytics-based and service-level management. Continue Reading

  • Stepping up your WAN connection with new network technology

    If you think enterprise WAN is "been there, done that," think again. The mobile workforce is redefining the role of the wide area network and the nature of the WAN connection. New technologies related to link aggregation and software-defined provisioning are bringing new capabilities to an old standby.

    WAN connection types have evolved from T-1s and Integrated Services Digital Network links to dynamic pipes capable of supporting bandwidth-intensive applications. What's next? Things like the software-defined WAN, or SD-WAN, which has significant implications for many aspects of your WAN, including application delivery. WAN connections in the cloud, too, are at the forefront: You can extend your private WAN to the edge of the cloud service provider's network via WAN Cloud eXchange.

    This technical guide discusses the evolution of the WAN and give you an idea of the new tools that will make your office connectivity infrastructure more robust.

     Continue Reading

  • How SD-WAN benefits app delivery

    There are many SD-WAN benefits for the enterprise, including cost savings, better app delivery and more. Learn how to software define your wide area network. Continue Reading

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