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How to design a redundant WAN architecture

Many enterprises simply do not have an option when it comes to WAN redundancy. Inter-site and Internet connectivity are core business requirements, and losing the lines of communication can be very costly. Evaluate the risks, determine the requirements, and design a redundant WAN architecture to ensure the enterprise is not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Executive Summary

For those enterprises that have yet to implement WAN redundancy, the time will come, probably sooner rather than later, when it will become vital to do so. Mission-critical applications such as IP telephony (IPT), e-commerce, and remote access demand highly available, highly reliable WAN connectivity. This research note will address the following aspects of building WAN redundancy:

  • Why enterprises would need redundant WAN connectivity.
  • Methods to implement WAN redundancy.
  • Costs and benefits of building highly available WAN connectivity.

Enterprises are increasingly becoming reliant on WAN connectivity, and the associated costs with downtime are likewise increasing. Consider the implications of any disruption in WAN connectivity, and take action to prevent costly outages.

 "How to design a redundant WAN architecture" is available in PDF format and it is free to users for a limited time.

This was last published in February 2008

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